//Watch this robot fly like a real insect

Watch this robot fly like a real insect

The DelFly is a super lightweight, super agile robot that flies like a real insect. Using a four-wing flapping system, this strange little robot can fly, fly over and land like a fruit fly.

Part of a research project at the Delft University of Technology . This is the latest version of DelFly. He can now maneuver at high speed, including fast turns.

From the publication:

The unparalleled combination of performance makes this light-weight (and therefore inherently safe) natural-looking robot ready for many real-life tasks. At the same time, the high agility, combined with the robot's programmability, opens up a new way of studying the dynamics and control of insect flight during high agility maneuvers, such as the rapid turns observed in flies. fruits. ]

The robot is flying in the air and has four wings to control three axes of flight. It flies left and right by changing the way each wing beats.

The researchers, Matěj Karásek, Florian T. Muijres, Christopher Wagter, Bart D.W. Remes and Guido C.H.E. of Croon, wrote about the DelFly in an article for Science titled "An overhead robotic flying flap reveals that flies use torque coupling in fast bank turns."