//Twitch Updates Security for its TwitchCon Event After Filming Jacksonville Esports

Twitch Updates Security for its TwitchCon Event After Filming Jacksonville Esports

Twitch announces today that changed his security procedures for his TwitchCon event in San Jose, California on Saturday, October 27th. The update follows the tragic shooting of 19459006 during a sporting event in Jacksonville, Florida, last month, where three people, including the shooter, were killed and 11 were wounded. . Twitch said it would review its procedures accordingly and would soon have more information on what it is doing to keep participants safe.

Today, the company shared these plans.

At TwitchCon, our top priority is participant safety. We want to make sure that we add additional security measures to the measures of past events. We will have more detailed information about the security of TwitchCon in the coming days, so stay tuned!

– TwitchCon 2018 (@TwitchCon) September 12, 2018

According to Twitch, he works with local police forces in San Jose, congressional staff and additional security services on the event.

The conference will include search bags and screenings at designated entry points, and participants will only be allowed to carry one bag.

The bag should not exceed 12 "x 15" x 6 ", says the company.

Backpacks, luggage, big bags and bulky clothing will not be allowed. In addition, backpacks acquired at the show – even those with the Twitch brand – will not be eligible for reinstatement. There will be a check of the on-site bags available, but the company suggests that larger bags are simply left at home because the space will be limited.

It is said that small banana bags or transparent bags will help participants to cross security checkpoints more quickly.

In the meantime, exhibitors will only be able to carry their products and displays in oversized bags and rolls before 8 am. In progress.

The presses will also have to wear their press badge, and the crew that has to carry their big camera equipment will have to be approved.

Obviously, the event does not have any policy on weapons and anyone who breaks will be revoked without reimbursement.

Badges must be worn at all times and a piece of identification or a passport must be available.

At first glance, the updated procedures do not seem very different from the old rules of Twitch.

The company's security plan prior to Jacksonville also included bag searches, manual or hand-held scanners, the use of uniformed guards, identity checks, and the wearing of badges.

The biggest change to the record seems to be the ban on backpacks.

However, we understand that the reference to Twitch's closer work with law enforcement and "additional security services" refers to other changes that may not have been fully detailed. (We think this is likely because Twitch does not want to provide too much information to anyone trying to circumvent his security procedures.)

The annual TwitchCon event brings the Twitch community together to play games, watch live sparring matches, participate in hackathons and cosplay contests, attend sessions, and learn about what's new in the streaming service live games.

Last fall, for example, Twitch unveiled a new set of tools at TwitchCon that would allow creators to earn money through their online channels .

However, many participants at the TwitchCon conference were interested in the events in Jacksonville about the security of .

After all, the video game contest at the GLHF Games Bar in Jacksonville, Fla., Was broadcast live on Twitch at the time of filming. Would an imitator try to get into the Twitch conference ?, wondered some.

According to reports the Florida shooter had been upset to lose two games with Madden earlier in the tournament, even refusing to shake hands after a game. Despite a history of mental illness, the shooter was able to legally acquire his weapons. We do not know how he got them into the Jacksonville bar.

Unfortunately, mass shootings in the United States took place in schools, cinemas, churches, concerts and workplaces – even at YouTube – and elsewhere. But they had not happened yet at a spanish event.

The tragic event has attracted the attention of the sports industry as a whole, which is still outside the general attention, although Twitch account more 2 million broadcasters and 15 million viewers.

We are shocked and saddened by the tragedy that occurred in Jacksonville today. Twitch and all his staff extend our deepest condolences to the victims, their loved ones and all members of our community who are today grieved.

– Twitch (@Twitch) August 26, 2018

Shortly after the tragedy, Twitch said that he would make changes.

"Safety at TwitchCon is our top priority and we take all our events very seriously," the company told TechCrunch in August. "We regularly review and analyze our policies and approach to provide a positive and secure experience for staff, participants and exhibitors. In the wake of yesterday's tragedy, we will review our plans and update them accordingly, "said a spokesman at the time.

Up-to-date plans for TwitchCon are detailed on Twitch's blog .

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