//Twitch Hires Diversity and Inclusion Officer

Twitch Hires Diversity and Inclusion Officer

Twitch, the streaming platform owned by Amazon, introduced its first head of diversity and inclusion, as well as a new director Financial Officer and Director of Human Resources.

Katrina Jones, who will debut next month as Diversity and Integration Leader at Twitch, is the former Diversity Officer at Vimeo. At Vimeo, Jones created the Diversity Strategy of Society and worked to disrupt bias and promote inclusion.

Meanwhile, Michelle Weaver and Sudarshana Rangachary enter respectively as CFO and CHRO.

On the diversity and inclusion front, Twitch has always struggled. The platform itself, for example, was named in 2015 to be predominantly white and male .

In 2016, Twitch organized a panel at its annual conference entitled "Diversify Twitch". That did not work out very well for Twitch, his African-American panelists were victims of racism and insults. and the flows . Last year, Twitch organized a site-wide "vacation" to celebrate diversity and inclusion on its feeds, chats, apps and community.