//Tweak and improve your phone with these 7 useful Android apps

Tweak and improve your phone with these 7 useful Android apps

Android is a fantastic operating system, but that does not mean you can not improve it.

Fortunately, its open nature means that skilled developers can create applications that bring positive change. Curious? Here are seven Android apps that make minor but powerful changes. None of the applications needs root access.

1. Parallel Space

Have you ever wanted to run two instances of the same app at the same time on your Android device?

Think of the possibilities: you can run two versions of WhatsApp, each with a different phone. number. Or two versions of Uber; you receive double the number of promotions and discounts!

Parallel Space makes this possible. Both versions of the application will run at the same time, but in sandbox from each other, so you will not encounter a forced disconnect. The application also offers an incognito installation feature that allows you to hide applications from your drawer. other people will not know that you are leading them.

For more information, see our brief instructions on how to set up a parallel space .

Download: Parallel Space (Free)

2. Statute

The Bar of # Android state looks like a forgotten place. When the rest of the Android operating system was upgraded to Material Design in 2014

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The status bar was largely intact. In the years that followed, there were some minor adjustments to the usability, but it's still pretty clear.

The status changes everything. You can change the color of the status bar, add transparency, edit icons, use animations, adjust notification design, and more.

Because the application traces an overlay on the native status bar the buttons and gestures will still work. Be warned, though; Due to the nature of the application, it requires a lot of permissions.

Download: Statute (Free)

3. PowerLine


Let's stay a moment on the theme of status bars.

Do you ever have trouble seeing how much battery you have left? The icon is so small that it is difficult to say precisely. And what about the strength of your signal, CPU usage, Wi-Fi signal, storage capacity, etc.? Would not it be great if you could easily see a detailed breakdown of statistics in these areas?

That's exactly what PowerLine offers. You can add smart indicators to your status bar so you can see them all the time. It also allows you to add indicators always visible anywhere on your screen.

The free version of the application allows you to add two indicators. You will need to purchase the pro version of the app to add more.

Download: PowerLine (Free) | PowerLine Pro ($ 3)

4. ACR

ACR (Another Call Recorder) is a call recording application for Android

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. There is no native way to record phone calls on your device. The functionality of this application is therefore an essential addition to your directory.

But why is this useful? Well, you never know when you might need to record a call. You may want to talk to your lawyer or financial advisor at length and refer to what you talked about after the event. Or maybe you work in a company where it is legally mandatory to record customer calls. For the full benefit, you need to buy the pro version. It allows you to automatically record calls to / from specific numbers, create cloud-based backups and add a button to start recording manually during the call.

Download: ACR (Free) | ACR Pro ($ 4)

5. EasyJoin

Wireless transfer of content between your Android device and your computer has never been simple. Indeed, there is no native method on the operating system.

Yes, you can use applications like Pushbullet, but they require an Internet connection and connection to an external server.

method, see EasyJoin. Instead of using the web, the application relies on your local Wi-Fi network. You can send messages, links, files, folders, and notifications between devices using the clipboard.

Using EasyJoin without advertising, you save on your data while preventing your information from entering the hands of third-party advertisers.

Download: EasyJoin (Free)

6. Fliktu

The Android sharing menu is another of the most disappointing areas of the OS. It works well, but the lack of customization is frustrating, especially if you still have to go a long way to access the application with which you want to share.

There are some applications that allow you to clean up the sharing menu on Android

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. But some (like CustomShare) require root access, while the once-popular Share Andmade does not exist anymore.

The best recommendation we can offer you is Fliktu. The application has not been updated in recent years, but it still works well. You can manually add the applications that appear in the sharing menu, pin your most used apps and automatically sort your other apps according to the frequency of use.

Fliktu cost $ 1, but it is now free.

Download: Fliktu (Free)

7. Dactyl

How many once did you ruin the perfect photograph

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because your hand was moving slightly while you were trying to get the trigger or your phone was shaking when you pressed the volume down button?

There are probably too many instances to remember. Well, take a step forward, Dactyl.

Dactyl allows you to take photos using the fingerprint sensor on your phone. Best of all, it is compatible with all camera applications, even third-party apps.

When the photo application opens, you no longer need to perform this scale. a button and hand-holding dance to which you are so accustomed. Just put your finger on the sensor and the shutter goes off.

Download: Dactyl ($ 2)

Other apps that enhance the Android OS

Of course, we've covered many other apps that make critical changes to your Android phone, either introducing new features or fixing a long-standing irritant.

to learn more about the apps that will make your phone more fun to use, check out how to replace many types of Android apps with a Google app and the best Android settings that do not require rooting.

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