//The Olympus SP-500 is a sniper camera

The Olympus SP-500 is a sniper camera

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<p> Digital SLRs are becoming more and more common, and <a href= cheaper all the time .But how many of them have a laser sight?

Point and Zoom

The SP-500 is, in many ways, your typical selling point, although this is of interest to those most interested in close-range shooting. are far preferable to digital zooms, have improved considerably, to such an extent that the SP-500 displays a very good 50x zoom.

However, like all those who tried to take a freehand shot with a zoom can tell you that it is very difficult to place your subject in the frame. play.

Laser painting

The idea is simple. You make the flash appear, because of course this camera has an instant flash, it's a point-and-shoot, and look just below. Under the latter, there is a small viewfinder that you can use to steer your shot accurately and take the picture.

True, it's a "cheat", and you can just use the LCD to center your photo. Or you could do it, which is often what we do anyway if we are honest about how we use cameras. But where is it fun? Much more fun to queue and take the picture.

A camera for your sniper

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<p> Certainly, having a small crosshair to take pictures is a gadget and shoot market, the gadgets are the only way to sell these devices and, with a 50x optical zoom, you you'll probably need this crosshair, especially with long-range shots </p>
<p> and you can not hit anything that would make photography fun.It will be available later this year for $ 400. </p>
<p> The Olympus SP-500 is a precision camera </p>
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