//The Nikon 1 V3 has a lot of camera for a small price

The Nikon 1 V3 has a lot of camera for a small price

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<p><p> Nikon took a long time to get by with the cameras: remember when Canon made the HD video standard on its DSLRs and that Nikon did not talk about it? The least possible: the Nikon 1 V3 is a bit ridiculous with regard to the number of its features. </p>
<h4> Shoot! </h4>
<p> Nikon has configured the 1 V3 with a new processor and new designs that allow it to take pictures at 20 fps continuously, which is pretty awesome for a $ 1,200 camera, and one of the cadences fastest for an interchangeable camera., Nikon says its autofocus system is the fastest and best of its kind a category. </p>
<h4> Movie! </h4>
<p> me pretty impressive video features. Yes, we know, we know, that digital cameras are supposed to shoot mainly still images. But it is something quite impressive; With up to 120 frames per second in 720p, it's probably the fastest shooting at the highest resolution we've ever seen on a mainstream camera. It also supports 1080p video at around sixty frames per second, making it easy to shoot videos fluently and gives more detail on your shots. Considering that the photo mode itself is close to 24 frames per second, it's not a surprise, but it's good to see that Nikon is working hard to put the Nikon 1 into the big leagues in this regard. </p>
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<p> In addition, it is tiny for a camera as powerful: it is the size of a stripper and can, of course, accept Nikon lenses.All of this and much less than most DSLRs: the 1 V3 will come with a kit lens, an electronic viewfinder and bodywork for $ 1200. It's a very good price for something as hard as it came out later this year. </p>
<p> The Nikon 1 V3 has a lot of camera Price </p>
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