//The new Grand Theft automatic cellphone cheat for 2018 emerges

The new Grand Theft automatic cellphone cheat for 2018 emerges

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If You Think You Have Found All The Tricks Of GTA 5 [19459003Thinkagainandthisconcernsthemobilephoneofthegameandarandomtelephonenumber

Proceed as follows:

Opening of the mobile phone: 1-999-367-3767

If this is done correctly, this will trigger an outdoor blast and, wait for it … change the appearance of the main character's cell phone.To see it in action, watch the video below.

5 (and previous games of GTA) had been do's previously extracted for secret phone numbers last year, but it had not been discovered at the time of Rockstar. successful game.

And of course, the question remains: what other cheats of Grand Theft Auto 5 have yet to be discovered? Moreover, is the above cheating related, or in this case, influencing anything else in the massive open world game . Where did this cheat come from if it had not been found during the aforementioned data mining? Has Rockstar introduced it into a patch like the cheat Bigfoot ?

Note that this GTA 5 trick was discovered by a Twitter user @ KarmaIngram1

A new Grand Theft cell cheater for 2018 appears

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