//The Konstruktor F is the best DSLR camera

The Konstruktor F is the best DSLR camera

In the past, it was a snapshot and quickly developing the film to view the photo. This is part of the reason why Polaroid has become so popular. But now that "snapshots" are just a digital click on a cell phone, many find it fun to go back to "roots" and take pictures with a 35mm camera. Going further, how much more fun can it be to "build" the camera yourself? A lot of fun because the Konstruktor F SLR camera is designed to be as simple and smart to assemble as any jigsaw puzzle.

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<p> Let's start with Evidence: The camera parts are plastic and require a base <a href= tool (jeweler's screwdriver provided) and patience to follow the easy-to-understand instructions provided in a multilingual booklet. snap and are held in place with screws and other locking components – do not worry, nothing will be "stuck". Some of the more complex parts (like springs) are delivered in their own box to avoid confusion – it's a well-designed, informative box that keeps everything in place until you need it. return.

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<p> Signaling says "1-2 hours" to finish – I say: take your time and treat the parties with the same respect as you would have an Aurora Spider-Man model of the 70's I followed my own advice and j & # 39; I was able to finish the assembly in just over 2 hours – taking my time and enjoying the process was as fun as I expected.Here is a hint: go buy the 35mm film before you start assembling the camera – the feeling to open the camera and insert the film into the film, then to make it go to the socket, then close the back and throw it.the wheel to prepare the first shot: it'll be fine. you'll remember how difficult it was for those with big fingers, like me, to manipulate and assemble correctly objective (the most trying part of all this DIY experience). Being nearsighted really helps here, just like having a strong light and a clean surface with plenty of room to work. </p>
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