//The five HP computers with Windows 7 that you can buy today

The five HP computers with Windows 7 that you can buy today

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updated on August 2, 2015

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<p> Let's face it, not everyone wants to learn a new operating system every time they buy a new PC. you do not buy a new laptop, would you like to follow a complete learning process after you finish with Windows 7? Well, that's what HP needs to think with its latest initiative, introducing <a href= Five new PCs configured under Windows 7.

Call marketing trick or give consumers what they wanted, the HP's latest Windows 7 "back-to-demand" PC is a good choice for those who have tried a computer with Windows 8. er and quickly returned (Metro after all does not make much sense on a non-touch device).

While the five HP computers running Windows 7 configured below are new, existing HP coupon codes – which makes this use of an "old" operating system promotion particularly appealing. PCs with a list price of $ 799.99 or more can use code PC71926 for 15% off. PCs below the $ 799.99 threshold can use the SAVE15HP coupon for $ 15 off and $ 15 off any existing instant savings. All are customizable and can be specified if the buyer so desires.



The five HP computers with Windows 7 that you can buy today

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