//Sony A7S Advertised prices and availability (video)

Sony A7S Advertised prices and availability (video)

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Last updated on August 9, 2018


know that The Sony A7S (not the old A7) is a powerful camera. What makes him so great is not his shooting, but his ability to shoot not only 4K video, but also HD video in ultra low light thanks to its high ISO level. Ok, so a high ISO is not quite impressive, but once you've watched the low-light sequences of the A7S sample (below), you'll quickly understand why it's so bad. low light.

Whatever, in case you wonder, the price for Sony A7S was announced today. It's $ 2,498 for the body only. Delivery should begin in early July (B & H indicates July 9th). That said, you will need to take an external recorder if you want to capture UHD video.

Sony A7S Announced price and availability (video)

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