//Seismic Clothing Increases Your Natural Strength

Seismic Clothing Increases Your Natural Strength

by – September 14, 2018

As technology advances, more and more devices end up with their own electronics to be smarter and operate more efficiently. Seismic does not want to miss this running gear, which is why it has developed a line of motorized clothing that will increase the kind of natural strength you have. Seismic achieves this through a fusion of clothing and robotics, targeting a growing market for sportswear. The latest seismic propelled garments will provide products that not only resemble natural clothing, but are unique to them, while functioning as an extension of the human body. In other words, you get an extra set of muscles each day.

How do combinations of Seismic work? For beginners, it will support the heart of the body by providing up to 30 watts of power to each hip and lower back to support sitting, standing, lifting, carrying and a host of other activities . The robotic "muscles" will contract and relax in a manner similar to that of the regular muscles of the body. The inside pockets of the suit will hold detachable hardware and rechargeable lithium-ion batteries.

Basically, everyone is a potential customer of Sismic, where the future of clothing includes the opportunity to enjoy a better lifestyle. Over time, Seismic's technology advances, eventually becoming lighter, smaller and more powerful, because the intelligence of the combination will optimize the experience, the learning curve and the wearer's adaptation to each use. A trio of distinct layers is Seismic's powered garment: the base layer, the resistance layer and the smart layer.

It turns out that the base layer is the garment itself, where it functions primarily as an undergarment and can turn into active sportswear alone. It is in the resistance layer that there are robotic components located on the outer leg, which extends to the hip, including the lower back. This would replicate the functionality of muscles, tendons and ligaments. In addition, there are also sensors that track body orientation in addition to the force applied by each robotic muscle. As for the smart layer, it will be contained in an external pack that will be worn in the lower back, which will make it the ideal brain when borrowing mobile technology and IoT.

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