//Samsung's GALAXY 2 camera more powerful than the predecessor

Samsung's GALAXY 2 camera more powerful than the predecessor

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Last updated on August 9, 2018

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<p> Samsung announced that the GALAXY 2 camera builds on its predecessor and includes many upgrades that passionate photographers will appreciate. The benefits of the Android platform are intuitive and faster than before with its 1.6 Hz Quad Core processor with 2.9 GB of RAM (with internal memory supplemented by the pre-loaded Dropbox application, which provides 50GB free cloud storage for its 16M CMOS BSI sensor creates vivid, color-rich, crisp images with optical zoom 21x allows you to get closer to your subject than ever before. </p>
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<p> Sharing your photos is easy with advanced Wi-Fi and NFC technologies – features like the all-new Tag & Go will associate the camera with a smartphone to transfer the images in an intelligent way, Photo Beam with the image being viewed on the camera is automatically sent to the paired smartphone and mobile link allowing users to select the images that they want. they want to transfer to their smartphone as they please The remote viewfinder allows you to control the camera with the help of the smartphone, giving you more freedom to set up and shoot.You can see all the pictures with the 4.8 "Super Clean Touch LCD screen of the camera which facilitates also browsing among the many applications and functions of the device. It also features Intelligent Mode, which includes 8 different preset modes, all designed to meet different shooting scenarios and smart mode suggestions that will help you get the best shot. The new Intelligent Selfie Alarm mode ensures that you get the best selfie by taking consecutive high-resolution images so that users can select their best angle and immediately share on their favorite social media site. The price and availability are still unknown, but its predecessor has sold for $ 499 when it came out with 3G connectivity. </p>
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<p> Samsung's GALAXY 2 camera is more powerful than Predecessor </p>
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