//Samsung Unveils High-End Quantum Dots Monitors

Samsung Unveils High-End Quantum Dots Monitors

Samsung has announced an important announcement announcing two new PC monitors with quantum dot technology. We have already talked about quantum dot technology and how the technology is focused on creating some of the best computer screens of 2018 : as several technologies in progress, the l '39; goal is to create a screen quality. which is similar to OLED, but at a fraction of the price. Samsung has already shown televisions with technology, but these are the first monitors the company has announced, and they are impressive.

The first, the CFG70, is available in 24 and 27 inches with 1ms response time The CF791, however, is a huge 34-inch display with a 100ms response time. Both have FreeSync technology for the best AMD relationship.

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Moreover, these two screens are curved – Samsung even says that the CF791 is the most curved computer monitor. Curved television screens have no not really make sense: you get a smaller angle of view without getting anything in return.For computer screens, however, we are much more forgiving.a distance much shorter than that of a TV screen, which makes the monitors more suited to the curve, as long as you have the necessary room.

The key question is of course price and availability Samsung keeps control over these details f or now: the goal of quantum dot technology was To improve appearance while keeping prices lower than OLED screens, we imagine that prices will be reasonable. However, these are new and very large monitors, so we could look north at $ 1,000. Too much trade or an acceptable trade?

Samsung unveils high-end quantum dot monitors

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