//Go Retro with the NES30 Bluetooth Game Controller

Go Retro with the NES30 Bluetooth Game Controller

You had the habit of crushing Nintendo. And now, playing on this little rectangle phone is not the same. Well, the retro buttons are back with this pro controller that can connect to any device to give your fingers the feel of competition that they know and love. Get one now for a 26% discount Log in, play with your friends and rule accordingly. You take your playing time seriously and it is time for you to show it with an improved control consul on the move. Game on.

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<p> Once connected, you can play games on any platform since <a href= iOS Android PC, etc. You can even use third party platforms like Baidu KO Gaming City and not only the solo: there is a multiplayer function when you connect multiple controllers, all via Bluetooth, which is easy to synchronize.High speed CPU.And the firmware here is totally expandable so you can easily add extensions in the future.

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It's lightweight, slim, and easy to carry everywhere with you, because it's always time to play – a feeling of texture and 3D that will take you back your childhood. Collect the magic for a 26% reduction and restart this series of competitions. The NES inspired retro design is everything you remember. See the link below for more details and specifications.

Buy Now – $ 37

Go Retro with the Bluetooth Game Controller NES30

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