//Former Kabam veterans launch Rogue mobile game release label

Former Kabam veterans launch Rogue mobile game release label

Rogue today announces the creation of a new mobile game publishing tag designed to help both large and small developers reach the scale on all digital platforms.

The company estimates that old games and new games will flourish in the $ 70 billion mobile games market. In addition to launching new innovative games, Snape will focus on scaling older mobile games.

The team has veterans from Kabam, Apple, Glu Mobile, IGN and Sprint. Snape has already signed more than 25 games and has partnered with some of the game leaders. The company is based in West Hills, California, and has five employees.

"We are very excited to help game developers around the world grow their business and increase their revenue," said Mike DeLaet, CEO of Rogue, in a statement. "These games are being developed by some of the world's best game designers and we are extremely excited to be working with them as we launch our new release label."

Above: Snape will release Glitch Dash and other mobile games.

Image Credit: Rogue

Rogue game and publishing specialists want to provide a single business solution for game developers. They can offer in-depth qualitative and quantitative analysis and advice, application store optimization, search engine optimization, transparent analytics and advertising options, a robust multi-promotional network, critical opportunities and continuous support after publication.

"Many of these creators are incredible in creating exceptional games, but they really need help from the corporate side," said Eric Williams, director of operations at Rogue. "We all left our jobs to do this because we know we can guide them in the last mile."

Snape's portfolio includes simple and accessible titles for casual and more complex projects for experienced players. But all games focus on polish.

"We do not believe that mobile readers must sacrifice quality in search of simplicity. That's why we partnered with some of the world's most talented developers to create experiences as ambitious as they are accessible. Said Matt Casamassina, director of strategy for Snape, in a statement.

Above: Oz: Broken Kingdom.

Image Credit: Rogue

The company is already working with great developers, big and small, including: this gaming studio, Amber Studios, BonusXP, Immersion, Stolen Couch Games, David Marquardt, Superstar Games, Kiz Studios and many others .

"Even though the game industry is small, opportunities to work with incredible partners are rare. The core group at Rogue is such an incredible record that the decision to work with them was an instant proof, "said Dave Pottinger, CEO of BonusXP, who recently made the ultra-popular mobile title Stranger Things: The Game.

The team met in 2017 and has offices in West Hills, San Francisco, San Mateo, Seattle and Kansas City. DeLaet has 18 years of experience in games, mobile and other industries. He led the global business development and licensing teams at Kabam for four years before the company was sold for more than $ 800 million. He also worked at Glu.

Casamassina has 20 years of experience and has previously worked at IGN.com and Apple. Williams has 18 years of experience and he worked at NextRadio and Sprint.

Snape launch games include:

Chaos Battle League (Legacy)
Oz: Broken Kingdom (Inheritance)
Rumble Hero (New)
Glitch Dash: Infinite (New)
The Ancients AR (Legacy) Ancients AR: Battlefield (New)
Tasty Brain (New)
Shipwrecked Paradise (Inheritance)
Go Boom! (New)
Fun toy (New)
Hooky Crook (New)
Ladder Up! (New)
Olo (Legacy)