//ELMO QBIC MS1: Examination of the POV Action Camera

ELMO QBIC MS1: Examination of the POV Action Camera

[dropcap] D [/dropcap] does not call the QBIC MS1 POV action camera "portable"; its palm-shaped shape makes it well-suited for discreet one-handed use, but it is too heavy to wear on a label or shirt. The wide-angle lens – focusing on "wide" – mimics the point of view that the human eye sees and can range from 185 to 135 degrees (with an average setting of 165 degrees). This means that the QBIC has a view that works well with action scenes and those requiring a lot of "real estate" being stuck in the recorded image, for example a landscape or a large group of people.

 QBIC best shot before "src =" http://cdn.gadgetreview.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/QBIC-better-front-shot.jpg "width =" 1148 "height =" 900 "/> </a> </p>
<p> The QBIC can take still images (5 MP resolution) and HD video (up to 1080p resolution). Images can be taken alone or in 10-second burst mode (Super Hi-Speed ​​WVGA – 240 frames per second) captures videos such as, read, it's like watching extreme slow motion.All of this is accessed directly from the controls of the camera – the left side having the movie tab and the top with the photo tab The other camera controls consist of a power tab at the top left and from a slider section of the right interface. as well as a USB socket used to charge the internal battery and a micro-HDMI jack to send what the camera to caught on a TV. The accessories provided with the camera provide cables for what has just been described. The internal microphone is stereo and offers a good sound – because the camera has no moving parts, there is no surface camera noise to cross. But the "stereo" effect is very minor since the spacing between each microphone element is tiny. You can not add an external microphone either. </p>
<p style=  QBIC Parameter Configuration Screen "src =" http://cdn.gadgetreview.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/QBIC- settings-picture-screen. jpg "width =" 1163 "height =" 640 "/> </a> </p>
<p> The use of the QBIC requires first of all its power up (accompanied by sounds and lights) and to get used to holding it in one hand with the lens facing outward, because there is no viewfinder, a hand will gravitate towards the thumb in "bump" on the above with indexes at the bottom This seems to have been planned by the designers using an application and a smartphone (an iPhone 5) A WiFi button on the side of the QBIC is pressed to establish a WiFi connection which is then performed on the settings of the phone.The app can now "see" the camera and so work through the changes with respect to the angle of view of the lens and if the vid o be taken in HD or "Hi-Speed" mode. so be transferred to the application for viewing – although the fastest and most efficient way to transfer what is on the map can be done at the same time as the QBIC is loaded using USB and a computer. However, the fastest charge will be made if the USB cable is connected to an AC adapter. The duration of the battery depends on its use, but in general, a day of shooting on a charge should be possible – that was for me. </p>
<p style=  Rear caliper QBIC "src =" http: // cdn. gadgetreview.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/QBIC-back-bracket.jpg "width =" 1300 "height =" 897 "/> </a> </p>
<p> The QBIC also has another application which allows to use the iPhone as a viewfinder.An accessory holder is included, which attaches to the back of the camera, then grasps the sides of the phone horizontally. "Hard" controls During my time with the QBIC, I rarely used it with the phone attached – the convenience of holding it by hand was too strong.Although more visible than a "portable" camera "I've always found that I was holding it when I took it out of my pocket – thanks to its quiet operation (and the deactivation of the audio indicators) – the angle of view that makes the QBIC interesting to use, and the resulting images unique.I could turn inside rooms and small spaces and I always knew that I would capture to It turned out to be useful when I stopped at a light in a one-way street and that a crazy person who was coming out of a car wash from there. other side of the street decided to wait for the light to go wrong. I decided to take a picture of the car just in case I knew that the QBIC would capture not only the view of the car, but also that of the environment, even if it was filmed from the screen. breeze. </p>
<p style=  QBIC exterior and interior shots via app "src =" http://cdn.gadgetreview.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/QBIC-outdoor-and -indoor-shots-via-app.jpg "width =" 1146 "height =" 315 "/> </a> </p>
<p> I also found that the sensitivity of the camera allowed to keep colors correct and that there was very little "grain" except when there was extreme light conditions (the camera does not have "night vision" capabilities), as for HD video images , although I discovered that "high speed" mode requires more light than HD for <strong> Bottom line: </strong> The QBIC MS1 POV action camera is aptly named, while incorporating Compact and portable features Teens, as well as those looking for a camera that can capture photos and videos in a unique way, will find their happiness, and the cost of $ 249.99 does not sting. </p>
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