//DanForce G1 Pro Modular Multifunction Flashlight

DanForce G1 Pro Modular Multifunction Flashlight

Use a single lamp for any lighting situation with the DanForce G1 Pro Multifunction Flashlight. This customizable flashlight has a CREE LED performance chip, emitting 1080 lumens of bright light. Similarly, you can adjust the focus to the exact setting you need. The G1 Pro offers six modes of operation, including strobe mode, SOS mode and eco mode. Featuring a modular design, the G1 Pro comes with many useful features. The built-in power bank allows you to charge your devices at any time. You can even reverse the power bank to reveal a compass whenever you need to know where you are heading. The G1 Pro also comes with a tactical case, allowing you to keep your flashlight nearby and secure. Likewise, the custom-built bicycle rack is convenient for all cycling situations. Thanks to its clear and user-friendly design, you can now illuminate your workspace, your campsite or any dark area.