//Best Game Monitors Under $ 200

Best Game Monitors Under $ 200

We understand your dilemma: you like games and you need a new game monitor, but all these high prices make you run . A few hundred dollars, preferably below this amount, and you may be ready to consider them.

That is why we tested the best monitors under $ 200 and selection screens that can still surprise you and potential with their features and quality. Think that you can only get ultra HD resolutions or high quality backlighting if you are ready to pay the jackpot? Think again! Improve your screen while saving money with our favorite offers of low cost gaming monitors.

Comparison of the Best Game Monitors

LG 25UM57 – Editor's Choice / Best Resolution for a Small Budget

 LG 25UM57 "width =" 750 "height =" 617 "class =" wp-image-232974 size-medium "/> </a> </p>
<p class= This LG screen has a lot of punch for a small price.

RETAIL PRICE: $ 165.99 Resolution: 2560 x 1080 | Features: IPS LED Panel 25-inch, response time of 5 ms, aspect ratio 21: 9

TOP PICK: Ultra HD resolution and customization many games make it the best model for low-budget gamers.

LG's Affordable Monitor is Part A High Performance Gaming Monitor With Everything You've Got need for less than $ 200. This game screen contains exactly what you need for an optimal gaming experience and nothing more. Ultra HD resolution is mainly due to the high aspect ratio, but still guarantees HD graphics when you need it most. There are also 3 different game modes, two first-person shooting modes, a preset personalization mode and an automatic color change for very dark environments so you can see more clearly. Add to that the high-quality IPS display and 21: 9 aspect ratio (ideal for precision and FPS awareness), and you have all the monitors you need. Note that the ports include two HDMI, but no DisplayPort.

 Acer H226HQL "width =" 750 "height =" 500 "class =" size-medium wp-image-232975 "/> </a> </p>
<p class= This Acer model offers a solid configuration to an affordable price.

Retail price: $ 105 Resolution: 1920×1080 | Features: 21-inch IPS LCD, 5 ms response time

WHY THIS IS A TOP PICK: Extra – Affordable Price with a variety of ports.

Sometimes simple, it's better: this Acer model reduces the price to only $ 130 with a 21-inch screen if you're a little short You've got you do not need a lot of screens for your game. Although there are not many additional features with this Full HD model, we were impressed by the variety of options s ports, including HDMI, DVI and VGA. if you like Connect older systems or displays to your monitor for vintage games or more complex setups requiring more than the traditional HDMI. There are also many mounting options for this monitor, especially if you buy Acer Vespa support. Also take a look at the 23-inch and 27-inch models. They are more expensive, but if you have the room, a big screen will certainly improve your gaming experience.

 Asus VS239H-P "width =" 500 "height =" 500 "class =" size wp-image-232976 "/> </a> </p>
<p class= Stylish and surprisingly powerful, this monitor lacks HDMI but offers a lot in return.

Price: $ 131 | Resolution: | Features: 23-inch IPS LED, 5ms response time

: Numerous automatic optimization functions and reliable display are worth saving.

This Asus model has a slightly larger screen than our Acer sensor and includes many display functions. automatic optimization, which basically means that the monitor will adjust the color, the brightness and more to try to give you a better picture – ideal for those who would like to rat it does not bother with different modes and settings. However, note that this monitor does not have HDMI ports, although it is compatible with D-Sub, DVO and HDCP for those who are interested in this particular arrangement (perhaps more ideal for switching between a TV input and games). a screen in the room.

What to look for in the best gaming monitors under $ 200

Size: The size and price have a pretty strong correlation – you will have to pay more for bigger screens. That's why this is a great discovery when you see an inexpensive monitor that offers a screen big enough for a good immersion in the game. We prefer screens from 25 to 27 inches for games, but if those These are a bit too big for you, our choices include smaller versions that might be more suitable. It's also a good idea to ask yourself if you are using this screen only for games or other tasks. This could have an impact on your size decisions. Resolution: Is resolution a big problem for you? For some games and powerful gaming machines, this can really make a difference, as long as you have the GPU to back it up. For other gaming experiences, it does not really matter, at least not yet. We favor a higher resolution simply because it's a good preparation for the future, but most of the best monitors under $ 200 are strictly in the Full HD category … which is good! Brightness: game monitors, and it can be a place where these cheaper monitors skimp a bit to lower the price. Take a look at the values ​​and brightness options and make sure they are robust. Our best choice LG, for example, has a brightness rating of 250 cd / m2, which is enough for any game. The Right Ports: Always match the ports you need to the ports you buy. If you need HDMI for a particular connection, you must have this port. The same is true of any other display connection.

Mistakes to Avoid

Concentration on Jargon: This is a hazard primarily for new buyers. Monitors use a lot of invented words to describe what they do, such as "Dynamic Action Link" and "Splendid Video Intelligence Technology" and "Intelligent Contrast Ratio." As we like to tell customers, try to ignore all of this. They are only invented sentences that do not tell you anything useful. The contrast ratio, for example, relies heavily on in-house testing by the manufacturers, which can be created to indicate what the brand wants. Instead of looking at jargon, explore and study what a monitor really does. It's less exciting, but much better to make a wise purchase. Too Considering Proportions: The proportions are interesting, but you need games that are compatible with a specific appearance ratio. Look at other things first. Ignoring Ports: Do not assume that all ports will work naturally with your PC! There is no guarantee unless you examine the connection options. One monitor: Some of our best monitors under $ 200, like the LG model, make it easy to link images across multiple displays. . This can be useful for both work and games, and is an alternative option to consider.

Which gaming monitor under $ 200 is for you?

It costs only $ 50 more than the other two options and offers functionality well beyond. There is no competition with this screen, these proportions and all these customization options (the only exception is that if such a long monitor does not fit on your desktop). You can wait a bit and save $ 50 for a far superior monitor, right? If you absolutely can not, then choose the Acer model if you need HDMI, and the Asus model if you do not have it.

Best Gaming Monitors Under $ 200

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