//Best 4K 2018 Game Monitor

Best 4K 2018 Game Monitor

Regarding PC gaming, few components pass under the radar as often as the monitor. People will spend thousands on the latest graphics card and processor, to forget that the monitor is what makes your games really alive.

That's why it's so important to get that the best 4K game monitor for 2018 . But how do you know which is the best and the others that are not worth your time? By reading in our guide all you need to know about these meager slot machines, of course!

Best 4K Game Monitors for 2018

# 1 Pick ASUS MG28UQ 28 "- Editor's Choice / Best Monitor game 4K

 ASUS MG28UQ "width =" 900 "height =" 537 "class =" wp-image-232952 size-complete "/> </a> </p>
<p class= The ASUS MG28UQ is a complete reliable choice for your first 4K monitor

Price: $ 419.99 | Read the full review: ASUS MG28UQ 4K monitor test Features: AMD FreeSync, 1ms response time, ASUS GamePlus configuration profiles

WHY IS IT A TOP PICK: The ASUS MG28UQ is a cheaper 4K monitor for low-budget gamers.

It's rare to find a product e all this to what you expect when you hear the phrase "the complete package", but the ASUS MG28UQ is about as close as they come without overflowing.

At only $ 419.99, it is simultaneously one of the cheapest poster games on the market (4K or other), and is a wonderful example of how a company can make a solid product with excellent performance while keeping it within the range of most players' budgets. All standards are there, including the resolution of 3840 x 2160, the 1 ms response time for high-speed gaming and the AMD FreeSync technology that prevents tearing of the screen during sequences of intense action

so many others, the ASUS MG28UQ is the best gaming monitor 4K for 2018.

See on Amazon – $ 419.99

# 2 Pick Acer Predator Game Monitor XB271HK 27 "High Performance 4K Game Monitor

 Acer HB271HK" width = "900" height = "730" class = "wp-image-232954 full-size" /> </a> </p>
<p class= % of color accuracy but like to rub on the side? The HB271HK is the choice for you

Price: $ 869.00 | Full review: Acer Predator XB271HK Review Features: Nvidia G-Sync compatibility, 1ms GTG response time, 5 USB 3.0 ports

WHY THIS IS A TOP PICK: The Acer Predator XB271HK is perfect for play or creative work, make your choice! [19459003ThisisnotasecretyetAsforgamingmonitorsAceranditsPredatorperformancelineuphavequicklyclimbedtothetopoftheChristmaswishlistofself-respectingplayers

We talked about the Predator X34 when we had the opportunity this big screen is back in force with the slightly more conservative Predator XB271HK – but still so obscene. And while all the options you've been hoping for are coming into the XB271HK like they did in the X34, what sets this screen apart is its 100% true color reproduction in the sRGB and AdobeRGB color gamuts .

This means that if you need a screen capable of working both at work and at home, this will be the best buy for you.

View from Amazon – $ 869.00

Pick # 3 This product is shipped from France. "- Best gaming monitor 4K

] Samsung UE590" width = "900" height = "600" class = "wp-image-232953 full-size" />

The Samsung UE590 It may not be as brilliant as the other Samsung products, just as polished and accurate in each of its parts.

Price: $ 379 . 99 | Read the complete review: Samsung UE590 4K Monitor Review | Features: Nvidia G-Sync, 4ms response time, TN screen

: The Samsung UE590 is fast, powerful and cheap What can you ask for more

] No Samsung's UE590 4K 28 "gaming monitor which, while not as flashy or stylish as some of the other Samsung products on the market, still works under the pressure of what players need in a pinch (while They pinch under).

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The UE590 does not have a spectacular color representation, so if you are looking for something good for creative work and games, we refer you to the XB21HK instead, but aside from this little caveat, all you could want is to shine. AMD FreeSync compatibility, Flicker Free Eye Saver technology and a $ 379 price tag are just some of the features of the UE590, which earned it third place on our list this year.

View from Amazon – $ 379.99

Mistakes to Avoid

Above all, do not buy n & nbsp Any 4K monitor that sits at the bottom of the scale automatically use it for gaming because of the resolution alone. Game monitors in particular have features and response times that match what players need most: speed and responsiveness.

Also, be careful to avoid displays that are not provided with custom game profiles. These are parameters that you can pre-configure based on the game you play to ensure you get the best brightness, contrast ratio, and speed for different game styles such as FPS, RTS, and MMMORPG.

Most Important Functions on a 4K Game Monitor

Screen Size

The best 4K game monitor will exceed at least 24 ", because the details are not worth it. If you do not have the screen to take full advantage, the resolution of 27 to 34 inches is the ideal solution for most gaming monitors, and this is worth twice for 4K options.

Ports & Connectors

Make sure your game monitor and the machine you plan to play are well equipped. with a DisplayPort adapter, version 1.2. This is important for G-Sync and FreeSync technology, both with a response time of less than 2 ms.

G-Sync / FreeSync

G-Sync and FreeSync are both relatively new technologies in the gaming space and have recently reached the 4K displays from this year. Each avoid a phenomenon known as the "tear of the screen", where the information sent by the graphics card to the monitor is temporarily out of sync (hence the names). They create a strong bond between the two devices


In general, there is no rule to determine how much a 4K game monitor can delay you. Some like the Samsung UE590 or ASUS MG28UQ do not cross the $ 500 mark, but they are also designed exclusively for games. Others, like the Acer XB271HK, rank in the $ 900 range, mainly because full with colors represented at 100% ion.

Refresh Rate

Unfortunately, for the moment, no 4K game monitor can exceed the refresh rate limit of 60 Hz … future.Because of the constraints that 39; a high refresh combo / high pixel count can put on your average graphics card (and more, DisplayPort 1.2), right now only a GTX 1080 SLI combo would be within a mile of power supports a screen 4K running at 100Hz, not to mention 144Hz or the 240Hz rumor that should come out in the next year. If your screen has 60Hz with G-Sync, you should still get decent performance that

What is the best 4K game monitor for you

The best 4K game monitors have come a long way in recent years. Formerly populated by some hyper-expensive fringe models that only had one or two of the features sought by players, almost all now have a wide range of port options, G-Sync or FreeSync compatibility, and one particular model is even great. for the creative work to start.

What is good for you will ultimately depend on your budget, and more specifically, the type of graphics card you have. In the end, you'll want a screen with G-Sync if you're using an Nvidia GPU, while FreeSync-compatible monitors will be the perfect choice for loyal AMDs. Fortunately, we have both on our list of the best 4K game monitors in 2018, so you always have plenty of options when you choose the one that finally arrives on your home office!

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Best Gaming Monitor 4K 2018

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