//Apple details the dual SIM support of the iPhone XS, "coming later this year"

Apple details the dual SIM support of the iPhone XS, "coming later this year"

The addition of the dual SIM card to several new iPhones by Apple was one of the most interesting announcements of its event Gather Round Wednesday but the company waited to disclose iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max . A new technical assistance document from Apple focuses solely on the functionality of the new high-end phones, without reference to the next iPhone XR .

This particular feature will not be supported on the first day – it will be released later this year on iOS 12 – and will come with new settings, as well as a new two-level cellular signal indicator. There are also some limitations on which phones and SIM cards support this feature.

An iPhone using two SIM cards must be unlocked unless both SIM cards come from the same operator.
Only one of the two SIM operators can be CDMA – such as Verizon or Sprint.
For iPhones outside of China, a single SIM card can be physical; the other must be an eSIM. This was leaked during the event.
For iPhones sold in China, both SIM cards can be physical.
Users will be able to choose a default SIM card and specify that the secondary SIM card is only data or data with voice services, which is useful for travelers who do not wish to pay for cell phone minutes abroad .
Users will also be able to specify which SIM card to use for phone calls and text messaging.

The details on the operation of the eSIM are also interesting.

The eSIM can be your main or secondary SIM card.
The eSIM will be configured using the application of an operator or by scanning a QR code, after using Settings> Cellular> Add Cellular Plan.
An iPhone will be able to store multiple eSIMs, but will only be able to use one eSIM at a time.

Apple adds that this feature will be added to an iOS 12 software update, which could be offered simultaneously or separately with Group FaceTime, a feature promised by "Fall." The October media event focused mainly on new iPad and Mac hardware, so that it could debut in 2018