//5 things to know about the camera Sony A7s

5 things to know about the camera Sony A7s

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<p> The DSLR wars have intensified lately, especially with the addition of the complete 4K video to cameras <a href= as the Lumix GH4 from Panasonic in themselves, with a camera that not only has strong video capabilities, but really ridiculous ISOs

1. It has an ISO of up to 409,600.

This was not a typo: the A7s can indeed reach 409,600 ISOs, which means that it is practically visible in the dark: the images look probably terrible at the top of scale, and we can not imagine that the focus will be easy, but Sony's cap and an impressive achievement.

2. This standard means that Sony has withdrawn from the megapixel wars.

There are many reasons not to worry about the raw megapixels of a camera, but this ever-increasing number impresses a lot. Sony, however, to achieve the desired effect, is far from the rise of pixels. The A7s only has a 12.2 megapixel sensor. Of course, all digital photographers, with the exception of the most trained and experienced, will not see the difference, but if you appreciate the power of raw pixels, it may unfortunately not suit you. Unless you enjoy the video, and then, that's a lot.

3. He is shooting a full screen 4K video.

Video has become increasingly important for DSLRs and other professional cameras. The A7 pulls a full 4K video, probably because the lower number of pixels on the chip means less processing time to spend and more energy can be used to film the video. This makes it a sort of professional camera, as photojournalists are more and more likely to shoot videos and photos in the field.

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That said, you will need to connect a recording device via HDMI to get the full 4K video. Still, Sony is working on video enhancements, such as a more cinematic lens, to allow filmmakers and documentary makers to take full advantage of the use of their cameras. Which, in itself, is quite useful, so good for Sony to build something that filmmakers can use. We do hope, however, that 4K video is an embedded feature, however, instead of having to plug a hard drive to the side to use it.

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<h4> 5. But at least you can exchange the codecs. </h4>
<p> Hate AVCHD? You're not alone on this one. Sony has happily given the filmmakers the opportunity to shoot also in XAVC S. This is not perfect, we would have liked to see more codec options. The basic body will probably reach around $ 2000, and you will probably be able to build a fully functional 4K camera for around 3000 $, which is very appealing, especially for videographers, and this shows that Sony, if nothing else is listening to its customers. </p>
<p> 5 things to know about the & # 39; Sony A7s camera </p>
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